Our mission is to provide an anonymous, consented and value driven health data exchange platform that rewards individuals and organisations for the use of their private and ethically sourced health data.

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The Problem

Unconsented Data Problem
An individual's health information is one of the most valuable and personal sources of data available and individuals should have control over its use. Currently organisations use personal health data without active consent, instead choosing 'opt-out' processes or relying on 'implied' consent. This means individuals aren't able to control how their health data is used. Middlemen organisations also commercially benefit from the use of this data often without rewarding the individual as the true owner of that data. Individuals are also not engaged in the use of their health data due to lack of incentive, control and accessibility of their health information as well as concerns over their privacy.

The Solution

Axonium Consent Solution
Axonium solves this problem by providing a secure, trusted and value-driven health data exchange platform using blockchain technology. An individual's private and ethically sourced health data requires their anonymous consent to be shared with organisations for rewards.

Once registered, a user's health data is retrieved from trusted data organisations, de-identified and stored on the Axonium ecosystem. Users have access to all their health data in one secure location and can engage with their data to facilitate positive health outcomes. Organisations can search the Axonium ecosystem and submit a request for relevant health data. Once the user anonymously consents to sharing their health data, a smart contract is executed on the blockchain and they receive AXON tokens which can be exchanged for any currency. Organisations can then access a larger, more accurate dataset at a lower cost, which can be used for health advancements globally.


Ian Varughese

Founder, Technology & Architecture
Ian is an Information Systems Specialist who delivers custom web solutions for complex problems in the health, education and finance sectors.

Dr Alexius Julian

Co-Founder, Medical Architecture
Dr Julian is a medical doctor who specialises in digital medicine and clinical informatics with experience in hospital commissioning and start-ups.

Grant Hardwick

Co-Founder, Product & Operations
Grant is a Management Consultant who provides advisory services to large ICT implementation projects in the health and mining sectors.

Mark Ng

Co-Founder, Business Strategy
Mark is a Finance & IT professional who consults to large healthcare projects and has experience in project management and business analytics.

Pavan Sanagavarapu

Co-Founder, CX & Marketing
Pavan is an ICT Specialist who delivers implementation and commissioning services to major health infrastructure projects in Australia.



Dr Felicity Hodder

Dr Hodder is an experienced Consultant Paediatric Oncologist and has lead the ICT operational commissioning of a major healthcare infrastructure project.

Dr Shioto Fukushima

Dr Fukushima has a Phd in biomechanics from UWA and experience as a university lecturer and clinical researcher in Perth, Australia and Tokyo, Japan.

Lea Dias

Lea is a qualified pharmacist and is currently based in Paris working as a medical ICT consultant, specialising in clinical robotics. She is also a founding advisor for the European healthcare blockchain, Iryo.

Mark Mathis

Mark is a lead blockchain developer contributing to multiple blockchain projects, currently working in the emerging security token space. Proficient in all aspects of development and has experience across multiple industries.

Surya Prashanth

Surya is the Director of Engineering at The New York Times, leading multiple cloud infrastructure teams, evangelising SRE and infrastructure as code practices.

Paul Whitby

Paul is an experienced project director with strong clinical, policy and management background in the health sector and is a former director at KPMG.